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How Dog Urine Can Be Harmful to Your Home and Health

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We love puppies for so many reasons, particularly the ability to train them while they’re young to do all kinds of fun things! But as much as you want your dog to roll over or play dead or give you high gives, the most important training a young pup can receive is potty training.

Aside from the obvious reasons that urine is just unpleasant, there’s actually a more insidious effect that dog urine can have on both your home and health, which can easily go unnoticed. The amounts of ammonia in their pee can be harmful to breathe, not to mention it just smells downright nasty. Without proper training or puppy pads, you might be dealing with more than you bargained for if your pet has a potty problem.

The Effects of Ammonia in Dog Urine

It’s no secret that pet urine smells. Human urine smells. Is there a urine that doesn’t smell nasty? However, what separates dog (and cat) urine from us is the ammonia. Pet urine has a large amount of ammonia present relative to humans, and breathing this in can actually be harmful to anyone who’s walking on two legs.

The problem is that, when dog urine dries, the liquid evaporates but leaves behind tiny crystals of ammonia, which are even more concentrated than before because there’s no water to dillute them. In other words, the more dog pee that’s left untreated, the more powerful it becomes. This is exacerbated by the fact that dogs often have a preferred potty spot, and if that spot isn’t properly cleaned, the negative effects of the ammonia will multiply. This is just one reason why it’s handy to have disposable or washable puppy pads on hand—instead of the pee getting into your carpet or rug, you can eliminate it right away.

The ammonia won’t be a problem for the average adult if it’s only an occasional instance that gets cleaned up, but it can definitely cause problems for anyone that has breathing problems such as asthma or emphysema. Furthermore, children are especially susceptible since their small growing lungs aren’t yet equipped to handle such threats. Since puppies are often adopted into homes of loving children, the last thing you want is for their health to be compromised by your pup’s daily business.

Solving the Problem With Puppy Pads

Raising a puppy is extremely rewarding, but also comes with its fair share of stress. With all the things you have to worry about, dog pee doesn’t have to be one of them! Puppy pads are an amazing and effective method to potty train your puppy. Whether you get a pack of disposable pads, or washable ones that can be used over and over, puppy pads will allow you to get rid of your dog’s urine immediately. Instead of coming home to numerous stains on your carpet or puddles on your hardwood, you can come home to a dog who has done his business in one spot. 

The great thing about puppy pads is that they’re not just for puppies—fully grown adults who haven’t reined in their potty habits (or who are incontinent) can benefit from them too. Don’t let ammonia be a hazard in your home; browse our online selection of puppy pads today!