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4 Great Accessories to Complement Puppy Pads

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Puppy pads are a solution to a very specific problem — dog pee. If you’re in the market for puppy pads, this is likely a problem that you’re already dealing with at home. With that being said, while we are extremely proud of our puppy pads, and quick to recommend them to anyone who needs them, there are also a variety of other products that can be complementary to them in helping you to deal with your canine urine crisis.

Puppy pads are just one part of the equation — but what happens when your dog accidentally pees on the floor instead? What happens if your potty pads are constantly being moved or displaced? What happens if your dog is keen on going “number 2” along with his usual tinkle? There are all problems that aren’t solved by puppy pads alone, which is why we offer a variety of accessories at New Puppy Pads!

Are you about to go through with a puppy pad order? Before you check out, be sure to consider these accessories which will be useful in your battle against puppy pee!

Puppy Pad Holder

Puppy pads serve a primary purpose, which is training your dog to pee in one specific spot. By establishing a routine location that the dog is comfortable in doing his business, you can then leverage that familiarity by moving the puppy pad ever so slightly closer to the great outdoors.

However, the “routine” aspect of this is the most important part of this! Your dog needs to know that the puppy pad is the definitive spot for his peeing needs, and when the puppy pad moves around, this can disrupt the training process.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for a puppy pad to get misplaced. First off, it’s highly likely that your puppy could do it themselves. Have you ever seen a puppy that’s not overflowing with energy for most of their days? Yeah, us neither. Your puppy could easily move the pee pad when they’re running about. However, it can be moved in other ways. Kids, household guests, your clean-freak mother who mistakes it for a kitchen rag...the list goes on.

A puppy pad holder does exactly what it sounds like — it holds your puppy pad in place.  The Simple Solution Pee Pad Holder we offer grips firmly to hard floors, and will ensure that the pad never moves. This is useful for two reasons — it helps in the puppy training process, but it also saves you from unexpectedly stepping on a misplaced pee pad that’s soaked with urine. What a relief!

Pet Urine Stain Remover

As much confidence as we have in our puppy pad products, even we can’t guarantee that they will have a 100 percent success rate. In fact, puppy pads sometimes just don’t strike much of a chord to certain dogs, and you might have to be diligent about training your pup to use them.

If you’re in this boat, you’re likely to have several accidental spills from your dog. Even if your puppy is super easy and tries to use the puppy pad every single time, it’s likely that an accident will occur at some point.

Tragically, dog urine shouldn’t be treated like a typical stain. Puppy pee isn’t kool-aid — it’s filled with all kinds of chemicals that makes it stubborn to clean up. The most notable of these is ammonia, which can actually be a health hazard if it’s prominent in your living space.

That’s why you should consider ordering some  Pet Urine Stain Remover! This handy spray is specifically made to combat the ammonia that’s left behind in urine, breaking the pee down and making it exceedingly easy to scrub away — even if the accident happened on carpet!

Poop Bag Dispensers

It’s likely that every dog owner has reached that dreaded moment where their dog decides to do their business out in public, only to realize that they’ve run out of poop disposal bags to clean it up with. What a dilemma — do you violate the unspoken law of dog ownership and not pick up after your puppy, or do you dare clean it up by other means?

This problem, of course, can be avoided if you have a handy little dispenser that’s filled with poop disposal bags. These little dispensers can easily attach to a dog’s collar or leash, giving you poop baggies on the go whenever you need them.

But despite the fact that they’re designed for outdoor use, there’s nothing stopping you from using them inside too! In your dog’s potty-training adventure, it’s likely that they will often poop in addition to peeing. Sometimes this happens on your puppy pad (you’re in luck if it’s disposable) but it can just as easily happen on your floor, carpet, or washable pee pad, which you don’t want to be throwing in the garbage.

In these situations, it’s a life-saver to have a dispenser on hand.  Order one of these handy-dandy bags, hang it up where you’ve got your puppy pad set up, and cleaning up your puppy’s logs will be a breeze.

Himalayan Dog Chews

One of the most important components of training your dog via puppy pad is to incentivize them. This is a classic staple of Pavlovian training that countless dog professionals use to teach dogs new habits. When they successfully pee on their pad, you reward them with a treat. This makes them associate the act of urination with delicious food, and they’ll feel motivated to do it again, until it becomes an ingrained habit.

What better treat to give them than the  Himalayan Dog Chews we provide at New Puppy Pads? These chews can take weeks to break down, making them a good reusable treat that your dog won’t be able to resist. These chews come straight from the mountains of Nepal, and contain zero chemicals or preservatives. Treat your pup to something exotic!

Disposable and Washable Puppy Pads for Sale

While all these products are useful in the grand process of training your dog, ultimately, permanent potty-training is the goal, and to that end, there’s nothing that’s more useful than a well-made puppy pad. If you’re looking for amazing training tools, be sure to check out our online store! We offer puppy pads in both the  washable and disposable varieties, and we know you’ll love the results that they provide in the dog training process.

Whether you want some washable pads that you can use over and over, or a fat stack of disposable puppy pads in the thousands, we have a puppy pad product for every dog owner out there. Your needs will vary depending on your situation. If you have any questions about our puppy pad products, please  contact us. And in the meantime, browse our store today!