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The Hardest Breeds to Potty Train

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While we all love our dogs with unquestionable and fierce loyalty, the last thing that any dog owner wants is for their cute little puppy to grow up without ever having been potty-trained. A dog that can’t control their bladder can be quite an annoyance, as nobody wants to take time out of every day to clean up lovely ammonia-fueled dog doodoo.

That’s why we offer puppy pee pads — these training pads are useful for teaching your dog when and where to go, while giving you an easy and sanitary way to dispose of their messes. Our pads are useful for any dog, but if you’re dealing with any of the breeds in this list, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have some on hand, whether it’s our disposable variety, or washable pads that you can reuse as many times as you want.

Here are some dog breeds that are notoriously hard to train:


Dachshunds are attractive choices for their intelligence and independence, but this can make them difficult to potty train. Dachshunds are stubborn in general when it comes to training, and often are reluctant to go outside when the weather isn’t to their tastes. Positive reinforcement can go a long way with this breed, but be prepared for some pushback.


Whether you want to honor your favorite Disney classic, or honor your family’s firefighting heritage, dalmatianss are iconic dogs that draw the attention of many people. However, a lot of potential adopters change their mind when they learn that dalmatians are fiercely independent, not exactly eager and ready to follow orders. A dalmation can be an amazing friend, but prepare yourself for an uphill battle in the training department.

Jack Russell Terrier

Anyone who’s seen The Mask might find themselves longing for the companionship of a Jack Russell terrier, but know beforehand that these are traditionally challenging dogs. They are highly independent and don’t love taking orders, but you can successfully train them if you commit to it. The best way is to start when they are wee puppies, before they’ve made disobedience part of their daily routine.

Afghan Hounds

Any Afghan hound owner will testify that their dog often seems to have more in common with cats than other canines. Afghan hounds are known for being highly independent, not much concerned with what their owner wants. However, unlike a cat, they aren’t biologically programmed to poop in a litter box, so potty-training them can be tough. Take advantage of puppy pads so that you can enjoy your glorious Afghan hound in their adult years!

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is in competition with Chihuahuas as being the iconic face of toy breeds. Unfortunately, toy breeds in general are tough to potty train. With such tiny bladders, they need to go quite often, and their accidents often go unnoticed by their owners since it’s so easy to hide, and sometimes they pee so little that it’s hard to even notice. But pee is pee, and you don’t want it anywhere in your home.

Bichon Frises in particular are tough, because they resent training if it’s not done in the right way, making them all the more rebellious. If you have this dog, swiftly engage in their training at a young age or you’ll regret it!

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