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Puppy Pad Company Advice For Puppy Play Etiquette

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Do you have a puppy in your household? Adding a four-legged friend to the family is loads of fun and also requires great responsibility. One of the greatest aspects of puppy personalities are their playfulness. They love to roughhouse and play fetch with joyful abandon. However, puppies can get carried away when playing, and it’s important to curb any aggressive behavior early on. When is your puppy played too aggressively and what can you do about it?

Typical Puppy Play

When puppies bow by sticking their hind ends into the air and bowing their heads, they’re signaling to you that they want to play. Most likely, they’ll growl, wag their tails, race around maybe even yip a little. At the right time, they may suddenly lunge for you, starting a play session.

Aggressive Play

When puppies play too aggressively, they’ll growl longer than usual, stare at you with a fixed gaze and stand very still. Instead of acting spontaneously, they may may act out of fear. Often, their fears stem from conflict, pain or territoriality.

Preventing Aggressive Play

As soon as you can, take these actions to teach your puppy proper etiquette for playing.

  • Keep toys on hand: As soon as you puppy displays aggression, offer him a toy to sidetrack him. This stops him from making bad choices.
  • Verbal signals: If your puppy bites down too hard using his needle-like puppy teeth, say loudly, “Ouch.” Stop playing immediately so he understands not to bite so hard.
  • Watch yourself: One of the most common mistakes dog owners can make is to play too hard with their puppies, encouraging their aggressive behaviors
  • Time Out: If your puppy becomes overly excited while you play and doesn’t respond to the above actions, you may need to crate him until he calms down
  • Leash: you could always leash your dog while playing and gently pull Fido away if he gets too out of control


Other Helpful Hints

Nobody wants a poorly behaved dog, so we’ve recommended some additional steps you can take to have a happy, healthy and obedient dog.


These energetic little buggers need tons of exercise, and the sweetest puppies are often worn out after an exciting day of activity. Make sure to walk your dog frequently, and the longer the walk, the better. You could play a great game of fetch to exhaust him as well. If you slack on exercising your puppy, you’ll live to regret it.

Puppy Class

Obedience training with other puppies is a wonderful idea. Not only will your puppy be more socialized, he’ll learn to behave better. Fido’s not the only one who will learn a lot; you’ll understand the proper training techniques you’ll need to help socialize your puppy with both people and other pets.

Doggie Daycare

Although this may not be an option for everyone, taking your puppy to doggie daycare could encourage even more proper socialization with other dogs. Another perk is that dogs play quite a bit in doggie daycare, so your puppy will come home exhausted.

By following these tips, you can encourage healthy behaviors in your puppy. Of course, you’ll also have to housebreak your dog, so try using our washable puppy pads to keep your house clean. At New Puppy Pads, we also carry disposable puppy pads and accessories to keep your home as clean as possible during this time. Shop our selection of puppy pee pads today.

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