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Training Your Dog With a Grass Pee Pad

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Did you know that puppy pee pads can serve a variety of different purposes? For some owners, puppy pads are a necessity for dogs who are incontinent, or who don’t have easy outdoor access, such as being in a high-rise apartment. For others, they’re used for the purpose of potty training a puppy to eventually do their business outdoors.

If outdoor potty training is your goal, consider grass pee pads, offered on our online shop at New Puppy Pads!

Here are some reasons why grass pee pads are a boon to potty training:

Grass Pee Pads Replicate the Texture of the Outdoors

This is the most obvious advantage of grass pee pads, and it’s also the most important one. Grass pee pads aren’t made to look and feel like grass just because it looks cool — they’re designed this way so that whenever your dog uses it, they associate potty time with that green, semi-prickly texture.

This can be extremely useful when you finally transition the pad outdoors, because the grass won’t feel new or alien to them — a problem that sometimes causes puppies to become overly reliant on pee pads.

Grass Pee Pads Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Random patches of grass aren’t exactly a staple of interior design, but what would you rather have sitting on the floor of your home’s central room — a little patch of faux grass, or a white pad that may or may not have obvious pee stains on it? While we could go on for days talking about why our pee pads are incredible training tools, we can’t deny that grass pee pads have a nicer looking appearance than our traditional disposable pads.

It’s Reusable

While we do offer washable and reusable puppy pads on our shop, you’ll probably be doing more maintenance on them than you would the grass pee pad. Grass pee pads, like the actual grass you’d find in your backyard, are easily able to absorb a decent amount of dog urine. The best part? You won’t see the pee stains!

This is advantageous for two reasons — it looks nicer, but it also doubles as a natural attractant for your puppy. Dogs tend to like to pee in the same spots consistently, so if there’s a spot in the home that has their scent, they’re more likely to keep using the pad.

Shop Grass Pee Pads Today

Grass pee pads are just one of the many options we have for puppy pads. They make potty training much easier in the long-run, so consider picking up one for your canine friend!

Additionally, we offer a variety of other types of potty pads. Our disposable pads come in bulk, and are extremely easy to use, while our washable potty pads are great for pet owners who deal with large quantities of dogs on a regular basis (such as breeders or adoption centers).

But regardless of which puppy pad you choose, we know it will be a valuable tool in the process of potty training your pup. Browse our selection today!