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Whether you’ve got one or ten, there is no doubt that new puppies can be a whole lot of work. Our selection of disposable puppy pee pads can help to make your life easier and keep your home clean during the trying period when you’re going through potty training with your new puppy or puppies.

At New Puppy Pads, we make sure to offer puppy pads for any dog owner under the sun. Do you have a large batch of dogs at home? Do you suspect potty-training will take an extremely long time? We have products that sell puppy pads in the thousands. On the other hand, for owners who have one little dog who’s pretty maintenance-free, you might be more comfortable settling with a smaller package.

These dog training pads are available in a variety of different sizes, and can be ordered in quantities from 50 to over 2,000. Most orders arrive in just one to four days, and all of them come with FREE SHIPPING, so what you see is what you pay!

Using Disposable Puppy Pads

Using our puppy pads is easy. These can be used for a variety of purposes, but the best use for them is long-term potty-training for the purposes of acclimating your dog to peeing outside. With the attractants inside the puppy pads, as well as traditional training methods such as oral cues and treats, you can train your dog to pee on them every time. Once you’ve got that down, you can start moving the pads ever so slightly closer to the great outdoors until you’ve got them fully trained!

Don’t forget to add some treats to your order so that you can reward your dog when she or he hits the target. If you’d rather not use disposable puppy pads, consider our selection of washable puppy pads. Otherwise, shop our selection of disposable puppy pee pads below. Got any questions? We’d be happy to communicate with you if you want to know more about our products, or have any questions, concerns, or comments for us!

**Please note sizes listed are cut sizes. The final product may vary 1-2 inches in each direction. Pad color may vary. The pad border is included in the measurements given for each product.