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Potty training is so complex and its effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the dogs being trained, their general temperaments, and the amount of dogs in the home. That’s why we don’t just have a “one size fits all” puppy pad solution. In reality, you need to find a solution that’s custom-tailored to your unique situation.

If you’re a professional who consistently handles a large quantity of dogs, washable puppy pads are the best product for you. Especially useful for those who have a rotating collection of dogs (such as an adoption center or veterinary clinic), washable puppy pads allow you to always have a solution on hand for potty-training. Because dog professionals deal with new puppies on a weekly basis or even more, washable pads are a much more valuable investment in the long-term — if one dog gets fully potty-trained, you can just save the puppy pads for the next one.

Another great perk of our washable pee pads is that they provide a much greater visual variety than what you’d find with disposable products. Whether you want a quaint plaid design, or a pink pad to complement the pastel colors in your office, it’s nice to have pads that are easy on the eyes when they’re going to be around for the long haul.

If you want a cost-effective way to protect your home, be sure to check out our reusable pee pads! These puppy pee pads are perfect for the new dog getting house trained or even the older dog who just needs a little help. Washable pee pads are a wonderful way to save money on new pee pads and still keep your home safe from stains and odors. The leak-proof vinyl backing ensures your home will stay in great condition! Shop New Puppy Pads today to find yours!