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Puppy pads don’t just come in one shape or size. If dogs have countless variation in size, physique, colors, and more, why shouldn’t puppy pads? That’s why we offer these washable puppy pads to anyone who’s looking to potty-train their dogs. Washable puppy pads have various benefits, such as being more environmentally friendly, being more cost-effective in the long-run, and being extremely easy to clean! It’s also easy for your dog to gain a sense of familiarity when you’re consistently using washable puppy pads, something that’s a boon to their training in the long-term.

Washable puppy pads are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to our disposable training pads. They are great for breeders, kennels, veterinary clinics or anyone who has a rotating cast of new puppies passing through their home or facility. Simply pick up these reusable puppy pads and throw them in the washing machine after they have been soiled; no need to order more!

Washable puppy pads are particularly ideal to professional dog handlers because they’re there for the long-term. Our disposable puppy pads, while very effective, are designed for permanently potty-training one or two dogs in a single home. But if you’re constantly dealing with new dogs, it becomes overwhelming to try to use disposable pads all the time. For the dog professionals out there, you won’t find a better option than disposable pads.

These washable pee pads also come with cute puppy paw prints, making them more attractive than our other options. And with reusable puppy pads, you also won’t need to keep massive quantities of them on hand. Order as few as 2 or as many as 12 at a time. New Puppy Pads also has a variety of sizes available to meet the needs of dogs of all sizes. Shop our selection of washable puppy pads above, and don’t forget to add some pet stain remover, just in case!

**Please note sizes listed are cut sizes. Final product will vary 1-2 inches in each direction. Pad color may vary. The boarder from the pads is included in the size** Washable Leak Proof Puppy Pads To Make Pet Training Easy! Reusable Pads Absorb Liquid Without Leaking And Are Machine Washable Over 300 Times!