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Puppy Pad Tips and Tricks

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While we have the utmost confidence in the products that we sell to puppy owners, even we can’t say in good faith that they just automatically work wonders with no effort. Puppy pee pads are an extremely useful training tool in helping dogs, but they are just that — a tool. Just like you won’t automatically paint an amazing picture by merely picking up a paintbrush, you also won’t potty train your puppy with pads unless you put in a certain amount of diligence.

Like any tool, there are good and bad ways to use it. As authoritative experts on puppy pads and dog potty training, we’re here to give you some useful tips and tricks on how to use your puppy pads!

Useful Potty Pad Tips

Place the Pad Somewhere Central and Accessible

How would you feel if you had to swim across a pool and then ascend three flights of stairs to use the bathroom? If a potty spot is hard or inconvenient to reach, your dog will be less incentivized to use it. That’s why it’s a great idea to place the puppy pee pads in a spot that’s exceedingly easy to access, no matter where the dog is. Consider a relatively central location in the house, with little to no obstacles blocking the way.

The important thing is that the dog has a consistent spot that they can get used to. Putting the pad in difficult spots will lead to inconsistency as the dog, in certain occasions, won’t feel inclined to make the trip. It’s not super pleasant having pee-covered pads lying around a central spot, but it will be worth it in the long run!

Reward Your Dog With Praise and Treats When They Use the Pad

Again, getting the dog to consistently pee on the pad and recognize it as a de-facto peeing spot is the trick to making the potty training successful. They need to know it’s a destination to pee, and then you can start manipulating that to eventually get them peeing outdoors.

As with most dog training methods, there is a go-to solution that makes this easy: dog treats!

Whenever in doubt of how to get a dog to do something, ask yourself, “have I tried giving them treats?” If the answer is no, it’s time to try.

When your dog pees on the pad, the best thing you can do is immediately hand them something delicious. After you do this enough times, it’ll trigger a Pavlovian response where the dog associates the action of peeing on the pad with rewards. Once this has settled, the dog will feel compelled to pee there even when the treats stop coming.

Associate Peeing With a Verbal Command

Ever seen an owner tell their dog to “go potty,” and then they immediately lift their leg and do the deed? As it turns out, this is a surprisingly easy command to train your dog to don — it just requires some diligence on your part.

If you want to make the potty training easier in the long run, it pays to be around when your dog needs to pee. You’re a busy person and you probably can’t just sit and watch every hour of every day, but in general, you’ll want to be in the general vicinity of the pee pad when you’re at home, so you can be aware when your dog uses it.

If you see your dog prepping to pee, give them some type of verbal command. “Go potty” is pretty standard in the dog world, but feel free to go crazy with whatever words you want. They just have to be consistent every time you say them.

Here’s the catch — you have to do it before they start peeing, and you have to follow up with treats and praise. The combination of your “command,” combined with the rewards they get right after, will end up being the most important component of your puppy’s potty training.

Slowly Move the Pad Until It’s Outdoors

The first step is getting your dog used to the puppy pad, which is essentially what the tips heretofore listed go over. But once your dog can be relied on to pee on the pad without your influence, it’s time to start training them to take it outside.

This is done gradually — don’t expect it all to happen in a day, a week, or even two weeks. You’ll want to move the pad somewhere that’s closer to the door, but not too far from the original location, so your dog can easily find it. After they’ve gotten used to that spot, move it a little farther again.

Do this a few times until you can successfully move the pad just outside. With a doggy door, your dog is likely to not give a second thought to going out.

Eventually, the puppy pad will reach its final destination — the grass. This is a training process where slow and steady wins the race, but when your dog can go outside and pee on command, you’ll know that the process was worth it.

Disposable and Washable Puppy Pee Pads

Overall, the training process using our New Puppy Pads isn’t terribly difficult, it just requires some time, vigilance, and patience. But we know you won’t regret your purchase once you have a dog that knows exactly when and where they should pee. Are you ready to order some puppy pads for your canine friend? Browse our online store today at New Puppy Pads!