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Puppy pee pads can only be worth the trouble if they are absorbent enough to protect the floors in your home. When you have a big puppy or a whole litter using the same spot to do their business, you need pet pads that can stand up to the extra abuse. That’s why New Puppy Pads carries a selection of ULTRA puppy pee pads. We offer training pads for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and for some, these ultra-absorbent pads are just what they need to keep their home clean. Available in a variety of different sizes, and with quantities from 100 to 900, you’re sure to find the best solution for your home right here. Also be sure to add some stain remover to your order for when your new dog misses the target, and some treats for when they get it right!

**Please note sizes listed are cut sizes. The final product may vary 1-2 inches in each direction. Pad color may vary. The pad border is included in the measurements given for each product.