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It’s never fun when your puppy gets sick, so make sure you can deliver their medicine to them quickly and painlessly. Many dogs refuse to take pills, and it can be a hassle to force feed their pills to them. Our pet syringes are made to make giving medicine to your pup easier. For our veterinarians, these syringes come in packages of anywhere from three to 1000. That means you can purchase as many as you need to give to owners when they need to heal their pups. Be sure to save money by taking advantage of our bundle deals. Our syringes come with plastic blister packaging, meaning that they are tamper evident. They are also non-toxic and sterile. We also offer FREE shipping on all domestic orders and 10 percent off for new customers. Don’t miss out on this amazing savings from New Puppy Pads! For the latest and best in both disposable and washable pads, shop today.