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Puppies have a way of getting into things, making messes, and creating chaos wherever their exuberant little hearts may take them. Most of the time it’s adorable, but potty messes are never fun to clean up. If your puppy’s wild antics result in your well-placed training pads getting moved, rumpled, and rendered ineffective, a puppy pad holder might be the answer you’re looking for.

There are a few advantages to investing in a puppy pad holder. First of all, it prevents the nasty surprise of accidentally stumbling upon a pee-ridden pad in a spot that you least expect — a surprise that’s even nastier if you’re unlucky enough to step in it! But secondly, and arguably more importantly, it breeds a sense of familiarity with your puppy. Puppy pads work best when your dog is accustomed to using them routinely, and this routine can be disrupted if the pad moves to new locations. So by making sure that it never moves, you’re helping both yourself and your little pup!

We offer a pee pad holder with those dogs in mind. You’ll be able to keep your puppy pads nice and flat, right where you want them. Available in 23” x 24” size, each puppy pad holder is ideal for 22”x22” pads. Save money when you take advantage of our bundle deal that includes a puppy pad holder and a case of training pads. We also offer FREE shipping on all domestic orders and 10 percent off for new customers, allowing you to save even more when you order from New Puppy Pads!