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Why Trained Dogs are Happier Dogs

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Let’s be honest with ourselves — dog training, in a sense, is a somewhat selfish endeavor. When we train dogs, we’re disciplining them to conform to our way of life. Dogs in the wild would have no need to know where and when to sit, nor would they ever think of any conceivable reason to filter their barking.

But, did you know that a trained dog is actually a happier dog? As it turns out, dog training is not only beneficial for our own happiness, but your pup gets a lot out of it too! Here are some reasons why training your puppy or dog actually makes them into a happier animal.

Trained Dogs Get More Quality Time With Their Owners

If you’re a dog owner, you probably know what really makes your dog happy, more than anything else in this world — your company. Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing; in almost every situation, the quickest and easiest way to make a dog content is to just spend quality time with them.

In the case of trained dogs, they usually spend more time with their owners, for a few reasons. First off, a dog owner will have spent much time training their dog, which requires extensive one-on-one time together. Secondly, a trained dog is more likely to be able to accompany their owner on various adventures. When the owner doesn’t have to worry about the dog misbehaving, they can be comfortable exposing them to a wider variety of experiences.

Trained Dogs Are More Socialized

Dogs are extremely social creatures, and socialization is an important part of their training. Socialization, in a nutshell, is exposing the dog to a wide selection of other dogs, people, places, and things. A well-trained dog is often exposed to more people since they can be trusted not to behave, and they fare better at places like dog parks, where they can make friendships with all kinds of other canine buddies.

Dogs love the experience of socialization, and training allows them to experience a lot more of that. Simply put, training puts a lot more options on the table than the dog had before. Because they have to live in our human society, they have a higher quality of life when they’re well-trained enough to not leave a bad impression on people.

Trained Dogs Have More Freedom

A lot of owners think it’s a hassle to train their dog. In reality, the opposite couldn’t be more true. While training is more of an up-front investment in time and effort, it pays for itself a hundred times over in saving you the work you’d have to go through to care for an untrained pup.

Untrained dogs, because they don’t know any better, are often segregated from humans, or left in a kennel when they’re alone. Both of these are worst-case-scenarios for your dog’s psyche, since he longs so much to be in your company.

Dogs who aren’t potty-trained often have to spend time in their kennels when their working owner is away. If they don’t know when and where to pee, they’ll just go wherever they want, frustrating their owner when they come back home. If you train your dog with our effective Puppy Pads, you can train your dog to pee responsibly while you’re away, thus allowing them to have more freedom!

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