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​Want to reward your dog? Ask them to do something first

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When training your pup, remember that request-reward is a sequential system. You should ask your pup to do something, and when they fulfill your request, they can be rewarded. For example, if you command your dog to “go potty” on a washable puppy pad, you should guide them to complete the request or wait until they comply to give them a treat or toy. Remain patient as you work with your new puppy.

“Go potty”

This is a common phrase puppy owners use to tell their pets to relieve themselves. Whether you take your dog outside, or you use a washable pee pad, it’s an invaluable skill your dog can use. As you and the dog work together, you’ll be able to advance to potty on cue, where your puppy won’t go potty until you tell them to do so.


In a world full of distractions, a major goal is to train your dog to stop what they’re doing and stay in place.

This skill is valuable when on a busy street, in a dog park, at a friend’s house, and almost anywhere else you can imagine.

It can also serve as valuable in combination with “come,” since a situation could change after you request the dog to return to you. Being able to tell them to wait could save their life.

“Get your toy”

Also called fetch, this command requires the dog to go get something for you and bring it back. This skill tends to revolve around play, and it’s a fun game to play with your pup when the two of you have free time to spend outside or in the yard.


An uncommon skill is to request the puppy’s attention prior to giving it a command. This is a more advanced skill since it requires the pet to ignore what it may be paying attention to and shift its attention to you.

This skill is valuable in situations where the pup may need to complete a sequence of skills, such as “place,” “lay down,” “come,” or “kennel.”


Another invaluable skill, whether you use a crate or a dog bed for your pup. When you use this command, it should be tied to a routine. A common use of this request is when you leave for work in the morning: you command your pup to return to their crate.

You can also use this command in various situations around the house where removing the dog may be beneficial.

5 ways you can reward your dog for desired actions/behaviors:

  1. Treat: Rewards the dog for listening and desirable behavior you’ve requested of it. Treats hold their value when tied to pleasing you and not randomly handing them out because you feel like it.
  2. Toys: Generally tied to play time. Even though you and the pup may be playing, remember to keep control and structure as the highest priority. The toy is the reward, keep it that way.
  3. Time outside: Puppies love to be outside. It’s where their senses and natural instincts can be tapped into. Simply allowing a dog to freely roam where it’s safe is a major reward for desirable behavior.
  4. You: This may seem obvious, but your energy and attention will excite your pup. Spend time with them. Pet them. Scrub them. Show them you love them.
  5. Other dogs: Depending on training, breed, and size, dogs love to roam in packs. If you can take your puppy to the dog park, it’s an opportunity to let them be a dog and socialize with other dogs.

Any of the above rewards can be used for the commands mentioned. Obviously, some rewards tailor directly with certain commands. The ultimate goal is to make sure your dog is doing something for you before you give it a reward.

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