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Help a Dog with Sleep Incontinence

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It can be extremely frustrating and sad to learn your dog is suffering from nighttime incontinence issues. Not only is this seemingly a never ending problem, but it’s also an issue of learning how this suffering is affecting their everyday life. Making sure your pup has the best quality of life possible is one of your main goals as a pet parent; however, sometimes nocturnal incontinence is due to issues within their diet. There are a few ways you can reduce nighttime incontinence issues; here are some tips:

1. Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian.

Most veterinarians will say the same thing,a nd that’s to make sure there’s a puppy pad nearby for them to use. Sometimes dogs will wet their bed or near their bed because they can’t hold the urge to “go” until morning. Having a puppy pad nearby can help them realize they can go to the bathroom when they need to. However, there are some warning signs to look for, such as a licking their genital region because of a leaky bladder. Your dog's skin may appear to be red and irritated accompanied by a smell of urine either on their fur or their bedding. These indications are signs that your dog is suffering from incontinence issues and should seek out medical advice.

2. Provide a clean and relaxing sleep routine.

Sometimes all a dog needs is a bit of peace and quiet. Some dogs may lose control of their bladders due to extreme emotions, such as agitation or excitement. If this is the case for your dog, consider moving their bed to a relaxing area that is quiet and dark. Also, be sure to place the bed in an area that’s out of the way so your dog will feel safe while they’re sleeping. Getting bumped into at night can cause your dog to be jostled, avoiding their bed. If your dog is showing signs of submission, such as putting their head down when you walk by, or rolling over, you may need to rethink the location of their bed. Same rules apply if your dog seems more agitated while lying in their bed. To make their bed more comfortable, place a puppy pad under it along with clean blankets around the area.


3. Make healthy lifestyle changes.

Your dog’s health could be the issue. Make sure you’re feeding them food that will aid in digestion. Not only will this help your dog develop a regular “schedule,” but the supplements in a healthy dog food will help to reduce diarrhea if that’s what your dog is suffering from. Talk to your vet about other supplements you can give to your dog, such as corn silk tea. And, if your dog is overweight, it’s time to start planning a weight management program. Sometimes a dog can’t help but become incontinent because of their weight. Determine a beneficial nutritional plan and combine it with exercise to keep your pup healthy.

Puppy pads are an easy way for you to make sure your dog is able to go whenever they need to. Shop online today for a puppy pad you can rely on.