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Does Your Dog Need a Diaper or Puppy Pad?

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Is your dog getting older? Have they started to show signs of incontinence? If so, it’s time to assess the situation to learn whether your dog needs a diaper or a puppy pad. There are benefits to either choice you make; however, the right decision for your dog will depend on a few conditions. Continue reading to learn how to make your dog’s twilight years as comfortable and healthy as can be.

Assess the situation.

It’s time to take a step back and assess the entire situation. You’ll begin by looking for signs of incontinence. Does your dog have trouble controlling their bowels or urination? If your dog is having frequent dribbles or accidents indoors, it’s a concern that shouldn’t wait to be addressed. For some dogs, diapers are the best solution; for others, a puppy pad will do. For a dog who can’t “hold it” until morning, a diaper might be best.

Consider the alternatives.

If your dog has recently had surgery that could cause the incontinence, speak to your vet about the different options. There are times when a puppy pad will do, but there are other times when a diaper will be recommended. Sometimes diapers are unnecessary, so just check with your vet before you make any irrational decisions. For example, some prescription drugs may require you dog to urinate more frequently; this means your dog may benefit from a puppy pad rather than a diaper.

Choose the right diaper.

If your dog needs a diaper, it’s vital you choose the right one for them. There are two choices: Washable and disposable. Washable diapers are a great option if your dog’s incontinence issues are long term. If your dog has short term incontinence due to medications or surgery, a disposable diaper may be your best option. However, there is a cost difference and convenience factor you’ll want to factor in when making your decision.

Diaper Tips

If your dog’s vet agrees that the pro of diapers outweighs puppy pads, keep these key tips in mind:

  • While a dog wearing a diaper might look uncomfortable, your dog is likely to be more confident and comfortable wearing one if they are dealing with a serious incontinence issue.
  • Only use diapers when you need to. Some dogs only need diapers at night. Be sure you don’t overuse them when they’re not needed.
  • Always be kind and patient to your dog when putting a diaper on them. INcontinence is difficult for any person or animal to deal with. Remember, they don’t have control over is and they don’t like it any more than you.
  • Keep the hair on your dog’s backside short and use hypoallergenic baby wipes to clean them. Cleanliness is key to a happy, diaper-wearing dog.

If your dog doesn’t need a diaper, we congratulate you. Shop online with New Puppy Pads today to find a puppy pad that will work for your dog. Contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products.