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Puppy Pad Company Advice: Six Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

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If you’re looking for a puppy, you definitely have a soft spot for animals. At New Puppy Pads, we love animals, which is why we create so many products to help you while you are housebreaking your dog.

Oftentimes, people purchase puppies from a breeder or from pet stores. Each year, thousands of homeless dogs reside in shelters, waiting for the perfect home. With so many homeless dogs out there, why not adopt a shelter dog instead?

Never Buy From a Pet Store

Spotting a litter of puppies from a pet store is irresistible, but those dogs probably came from puppy mills. Puppy mills basically are factory-farmed animals that often are raised in horrifyingly inhumane conditions. In factory farm conditions, many of the animals are malnourished, sick and injured, living truly miserable lives.

Be Wary of Internet Ads

You can also unwittingly buy a puppy from a puppy mill when you purchase from classified ads on the internet or in the paper. Sometimes puppy mills market their sites as animal-friendly, so be wary. If you cannot see the conditions the animals are living in, it’s best not to support a potential puppy mill.


Shelter workers and rescue agencies sometimes work very closely with the animals and have insight into the puppy’s personality and history. They could help you find the right puppy if you need a dog that gets along well with children or cats.


You could easily spend thousands of dollars on a purebred puppy, depending on the breed. However, shelter dogs are much more affordable, and could only cost you a few hundred dollars. Most shelter animals are already fixed and provide discounted vet services, saving you quite a bit of money.



Certain breeds are prone to different health problems that mixed-breed dogs may not have. More often than not, rescue dogs are mixed-breed, so they could be healthier. Another perk of mixed-breed shelter dogs is their irresistible cuteness.

Save a Life

Unfortunately, when some shelters are overcrowded, they have no other option than to euthanize some of the animals. When you adopt a puppy from a shelter, you ensure that your dog leads a long, happy, healthy life.

Support Animal Rescue Organizations

When you pay to adopt an animal from a shelter, you are supporting their cause. Taking an animal home from a shelter provides the space for another animal in need of a home. If you want to further support your local animal shelter, consider volunteering for them or donating money.

You Don’t Have to Buy a Puppy

While browsing the local animal shelter, you may fall in love with a full-grown dog, and that’s a great thing. Adult animals have a much more difficult time finding homes than puppies, so keep an open mind. Any dog you choose will be so grateful to live with your family.

Whether you adopt a puppy or an adult, you may have to housebreak your animal. Our washable puppy pads from New Puppy Pads take the headache out of the entire process. Keep your home as clean as possible while your dog navigates this tricky stage. Shop our selection of dog training pads today.