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Our Puppy Pad Company Discusses Six Common Puppy Training Mistakes

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Nothing’s quite as exciting as welcoming an adorable puppy into your home. All your friends will want to stop by for a visit and cuddle with your puppy. As you walk your little four-legged friend down the street, people will stop and admire your cute little guy.

However, cuteness doesn’t make up for bad behavior, and you’ll have to properly train your dog. If you conduct some internet research, you may notice a variety of different available training techniques. Look, it’s not our job to tell you how to train your dog. However, we would like to inform you about the common mistakes people make when training their puppies so you can have a well-behaved dog.

Starting Too Late

We’ve all heard the adage, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” How relevant is this statement? Although you can teach an old dog new tricks, you’ll have a much easier time training a puppy as soon as you possibly can. You don’t have to wait until a dog is at least six months old to start training him, so get started today.

No, Fido!

Do not use your dog’s name when you tell him no because he will have a negative association with his name. Every time you call your dog’s name, you want him to immediately respond to you. If he has any negative associations with his name, he will not come to you and feel confused.

Treating Your Dog Like a Human

Dogs are not human, and they respond differently to certain interactions than people. In the dog world, interaction within the pack varies quite differently from the interaction between humans. Do your research on dog behavior to learn more about effective methods for interaction with dogs.

Don’t Push Your Dog’s Nose Into an Accident

Punishing a dog for using the bathroom inside of the house is a very common mistake. Yes, it can be frustrating when your dog pees in the carpet repeatedly, but rubbing his nose into the accident only makes things worse. Dogs live in the moment, so when you push their noses into the stain, they won’t understand why you are mad at them for something they did minutes earlier.

Repeating Commands

Say you’re teaching your puppy to sit, and you start repeating “sit” over and over again. Your dog may think that you need to say sit repeatedly before he actually sits. This will be frustrating to the both of you.

No Consistency

Ultimately, consistency is key. If you don’t want your dog to sit on the couch with you, don’t let your puppy on the couch. Although your puppy may only be five pounds at the time, he could grow as large as 60 pounds. Do you really want your dog to sit in your lap when he’s that big?

Avoid these six mistakes to train your dog more effectively. If you’re housebreaking your puppy, you may need washable puppy pads to to keep your house clean. New Puppy Pads features reusable puppy pads and disposable puppy pee pads to make your life easier. Shop our selection today.