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How to Pick the Perfect Puppy for You

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You are finally ready to take the plunge and adopt a puppy. How exciting! This is a wonderful time of life when you will find a loyal pal to love you for life. As we covered in our last blog, dogs enhance our lives in so many ways, and you can expect to experience the benefits of having a dog on a daily basis once you adopt your new pooch. However, though every dog deserves love and a happy home, not every dog is going to suit your lifestyle. In order to ensure your success when it comes to your new puppy, it is best to keep in mind a few things when you are picking out the pup. You want to make sure that your relationship with your dog goes as well as possible so you don’t end up giving it up to a shelter. Here are some ways to make sure that you choose a puppy that is right for you.

Be Realistic

Before you even start looking for your new puppy, make sure to reality check yourself. Adopting and caring for a puppy is a major commitment that lasts, on average, 10 to 13 years. Are you willing to commit to taking care of another living being for that long? Not only will your dog be around for a long time, you will need to devote a significant portion of your day to their care. Between training your dog, walking them twice daily, feeding them, and giving them the attention and affection they need, you need to care for your dog each day. Also keep in mind that the expenses associated with a puppy can really add up. Between vet visits, grooming, dog toys, and daycare expenses, your dog can come with a major price tag. It happens too often that people adopt dogs just because they are cute without realizing that it is a major time and financial commitment, so consider the practical aspects of owning a dog before adopting one.

Consider Breed and Temperament

First, think about what breed of dog would meet your desires and needs. Are you looking for a dog who will run with you every day, or would you rather have a lap dog you can carry with you in your purse? Are you willing to take a dog to the groomer for the sake of its long, beautiful coat, or would you prefer a lower maintenance dog? Some people will see a cute puppy and adopt it without thinking about the needs and disposition of the dog’s breed. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to making sure a dog gets a lot of physical activity, for example, it is unwise to adopt a Border Collie or similarly energetic breed. Keep in mind your lifestyle when selecting the breed of your future pooch.

Know Where You Shop

Keep in mind that you want to make sure that you know and trust the establishment where you get your dog, whether it is a shelter, a breed, or a pet store. Do they have a good reputation? Do you know anyone who has adopted a dog from them? What paperwork will you have to fill out? Make sure you can trust the person from which you are getting your dog.

Take Your Time

You are adopting a dog who will be a part of your life for the next decade. You don’t need to rush to find one to start right at this minute! Spend time with your potential pooch and watch them play for an hour or so at minimum. See how they react to you and other dogs. Are they happily playing without being too rough? Do they like to lick, or are they more inclined to love bites? This will give you insight into how it will be to train your pup.

Check Their Health

When you are observing a potential pup, observe for signs of poor health, such as listlessness or tiring out very easily. While every dog deserves a good home, it would be heartbreaking to bring a puppy home, only to find out they have an underlying medical condition you cannot afford to care for. Make sure that they have been checked out by a vet and deemed in good health.

Consider a Mutt

While knowing the breed of a dog can give you better insight into their temperament, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid adopting a mutt. Puppies that are multiple breeds can be loyal and loving pets, and the combination can offset some of your behavioral concerns with certain breeds. For example, the Labrador in your dog may calm down its bouncy Boxer side. Just think twice about dogs who are a mix of anxious or high-energy breeds, as it may result in a very high-strung pooch.

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