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How to Clean Dog Urine - Tips and Tricks

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If you’re a dog owner, you just have to come to terms with the fact that your dog, puppy or not, will inevitably pee on your floor at some point during their lives. This is a rite of passage that every dog owner needs to go through, and in all honesty, it’s probably not going to be a one-time occasion.

Unfortunately, dog urine can be particularly insidious for your floor, more so than commonplace spills such as liquids and beverages, due to the chemicals within. Dog urine has quite a bit of ammonia, and can actually be a hazard if not properly cleaned.

At New Puppy Pads, we understand the frustration of having to clean up pet urine, which is why we invented our handy puppy pee pads! These pads remove the hassle of having to clean up your dog’s pee. But if you haven’t yet gotten some, or if your dog is still in training and has occasional accidents, consider some of these tips for cleaning up your pup’s little messes:

Soak Up As Much As You Can

If you encountered the urine stain before it had the chance to dry, you’re in luck — it will be a lot easier to clean. If the puddle is still wet, you can soak up a good portion of it using whatever rags and towels you have on hand. Whether you’re using paper towels or reusable rags, dab them into the urine stain so they absorb as much as possible. This will leave only a trace amount left to clean, much less than you would have had to deal with otherwise. Once that is done, do yourself a favor and throw them in the trash or wash, depending on what you’re using.

Use Vinegar or Enzyme Cleansers

Dog urine isn’t quite like other stains, where you can just apply generous amounts of soapy water and chip away. The problem is the ammonia present in the urine, which, even if it appears to be cleaned, has a habit of sticking around. If you don’t use special solutions to clean the urine, that gross smell will linger and linger until you permanently take care of the problem.

White vinegar and enzyme cleaners are both good tools for eradicating the urine scent. Enzyme cleansers are usually sold in the form of products that are specifically meant for cleaning pet accidents. Whether you’re using white vinegar that’s distilled into water, or a pet odor removing solution, you’ll want to douse the stain with it and let it sit for a while — the chemicals will work their magic and help to break apart whatever remains of the urine.

Use a UV Light to Find Hidden Stains

If you find your home smelling like your dog’s personal bathroom, you probably have lingering dog pee stains in your carpet. Unfortunately if they’ve settled and dried, it can be hard to find these and eliminating them. If this is the case, invest in a UV light and do some searching! Your dog’s older accidents will manifest themselves and you’ll be able to take care of them for good.

Prevent the Problem From Happening

And, of course, the best step to treating urine on your floor is to prevent it from happening altogether. Our Puppy Pee Pads are designed to help owners to potty-train their dogs, giving them a space to do their business while you train them over time. It’s easy to clean our pee pads — you either just throw them in the wash, or toss them in the trash! To look at our selection of washable and disposable puppy pee pads, browse our online store today!