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Four Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Peeing Inside

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At New Puppy Pads, it’s our goal to help every puppy owner to reliably train their pup in the art of going potty. The ideal situation is, of course, getting them used to the idea that they should go outside, or exclusively in a designated spot. Our puppy pads, available in both rewashable and disposable varieties, are a boon in helping your puppy know when and where to go.

However, it’s also important for you, as a dog owner, to understand what causes dogs to pee inside. Because, although sometimes it’s just a matter of them not being trained, there are other factors that might be causing them to empty their bladder. If you’re ignorant to these, you might be trying to train your dog in vain.

Let’s take a look at some common causes for doggy accidents.

Anxiety or Fear

People “tinkling” themselves at the sign of great fear or nervousness has always been a gag in old cartoons and even movies, but it’s not entirely fictional — at least not for dogs. Many dogs urinate themselves in situations of great anxiety, fear, or submission. It’s important to know if your dog is peeing for this reason. If so, you’ll want to find out what’s frightening them. It might be your mere presence if you’re new to them, the way you move around them, or other stimuli such as their environment or certain house guests.


As an inverse to the above point, many dogs have accidents when they’re happy — a little too happy. You’re probably the most important thing in the world to your dog, and every pup owner can attest to the excitement of a dog when you come home. Particularly excited dogs might let themselves go. This is most common in small breeds due to their small bladder, but no breed in particular is immune to accidental pee incidents when they’re having a great ol’ time.

Medical Conditions

The two issues listed above are a minor annoyance, but usually nothing more. However, urination in the home can be the cause of an underlying medical condition, and that is cause for concern, and definitely a reason to see your local vet. When your dog has accidents that are out of the ordinary, it could be a sign of urinary infections, kidney disease, bladder stones, and more. Best to get ahead of this as early as you can.

Lack of Training

And, finally, if your dog is constantly peeing inside, it could just be that they’re not adequately trained yet. If you have doubts about how well your pup has internalized training, it’s never too late to keep doing it. Of course, one of the best ways to train puppies and dogs alike is through our Puppy Pee Pads, which help to train the dog to pee in a certain context, while saving you the hassle of cleanup.

Our pads have benefited a countless number of clients in their dog training needs, and we know they can help you too! Ready to get started? Check out our selection of Puppy Pee Pads today!