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How to Deal with Puppy Separation Anxiety

Recently, your dog has been barking and whining anytime you leave the house. When you return, it looks like he has thrown a house party; there are scratches all over your walls and doors, and your new throw pillow has been completely gutted. Anytime you put them in their crate, they try everything in their [...]

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Does Your Dog Need a Diaper or Puppy Pad?

Is your dog getting older? Have they started to show signs of incontinence? If so, it’s time to assess the situation to learn whether your dog needs a diaper or a puppy pad. There are benefits to either choice you make; however, the right decision for your dog will depend on a few conditions. Continue [...]

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Help a Dog with Sleep Incontinence

It can be extremely frustrating and sad to learn your dog is suffering from nighttime incontinence issues. Not only is this seemingly a never ending problem, but it’s also an issue of learning how this suffering is affecting their everyday life. Making sure your pup has the best quality of life possible is one of [...]

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To Use or Not To Use - Training Pads for Dogs

Puppy pads are a great asset to have in your home if you have a dog you leave for long periods of time. You’re not alone, we all wish we could stay home all day with our pups, or better, take them to work with us, but most of us do not have that luxury. [...]

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Puppy Pads for Cats?!

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term, and it refers to a mental state where a person has inconsistent thoughts or beliefs. It’s something we’re all familiar with, and we probably see it fairly often. But sometimes, two things that appear to be wildly different are more alike than we think. For example, when you buy [...]

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Old Dogs, New Tricks

When we adopt a dog, we do it for life. When they’re puppies, we make sure to have training pads for dogs ready to go, and we laugh, frequently, as they bumble their way around our home. When they’re adults, they come with us on adventures, and they have created their own unique spot within [...]

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Puppy Pee Pad Placement and Tips

Puppies require a lot of stuff. They need bowls for food and water, a leash for walks, and toys to keep them occupied. They also need potty training, and for many people, that’s what makes puppy pads invaluable. However, there’s more to them than just plopping one on the floor and walking away. While kittens [...]

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Transitioning from Inside to Outside

On the one hand, we’re big fans of washable puppy pads. We should be, since we sell them! They’re a cost-effective and smart way to give your puppy a place to do their business, temporarily, while training is taking place. Temporarily is the key word, and it’s one that occasionally gets forgotten about during the [...]

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What Not to Do with Puppy Potty Training

It’s a tragic fact, but one of the main reasons a dog is dropped off at the shelter is because of a failure to potty train. Maybe the former owner thought it was too much work, or maybe they expected the dog to get the idea immediately, like cats with their litter boxes. Maybe they [...]

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Tips For Puppy Training-Part 2

Let’s say you’re going to be adopting a puppy. Pretty cool, right? You bought puppy pads, collar and leash, everything you need. But in your head, you can see 2 potential outcomes with your puppy. The first is a dog that’s a perfect canine citizen. She’s friendly, listens to commands, never makes a mess. The [...]

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