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The struggle is real!

New Puppy Pads knows better than anyone how much of a challenge it can be to raise a new dog. Puppies demand constant attention, and devoting the time necessary to bring up a well-behaved dog can be stressful. And while juggling responsibilities is difficult with one new dog, the problems multiply exponentially when you have a whole litter of new puppies to take care of! Whatever the case may be for you and your house, keeping your home clean while housebreaking your new puppy or puppies will certainly be among your highest of priorities.

Don’t get mad, get New Puppy Pads.

We started this business to make training your new dog easy, affordable, and convenient. We carry a wide variety of puppy pee pads for all applications. Whether you just need a handful of disposable puppy pads to get you through the next couple of months or you’re a high-volume breeder looking to save money with washable pee pads, we’ve got the products you’re looking for, in the quantities you need, at prices you’ll love.

Never shop around for dog training pads again.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service with each and every order. All order ship for FREE, and will arrive in just one to four days. Now you can get puppy pee pads when you need them, with no extra charges or hassles. Shop for dog training pads with us online, or call 877-342-4538 to place your order over the phone. We look forward to filling your order!